The Event

Welcome to the USP International College Tennis Showcase - USA, part of the USP circuit of events that seeks to identify athletic talent for colleges across the USA.

Since 1995, University Sports Program (USP), has organized showcases where hundreds of athletes have been recruited by colleges from the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA. These showcases have been held in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela and in the U.S.

At each event, participants are evaluated to determine their opportunity to receive scholarship offers from participating universities, or be selected to one of the prestigious USP college placement programs. Click HERE for previous showcases participating colleges.

The USP International College Tennis Showcase - USA takes place in South Florida. It also offers participants the opportunity to participate in the USP Open Championships, which takes place at the same venue.

Since 2004, over 500 players have participated in a USP showcase. It is an International event with players coming from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Norway, India, Mexico, Paraguay, Venezuela, Panama, Peru , Dominican Republic, Curacao, Singapore, Australia, Morocco, the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.. The following players have received scholarship offers:


Calum Gee
Country: Ireland — College: Davidson College
David Subirats
Country: Spain — College: University of Texas Arlington
Noah Van Moerkerken
Country: Spain — College: Francis Marion University
Nigel Barton
Country: Costa Rica — College: Tulane University
Federico Chavarria
Country: Costa Rica — College: University of Oklahoma
Ismael Hadid
Country: Paraguay — College: Georgetown University
Bruno Zuleta
Country: Bolivia — College: North Alabama University
Rafael Abreu
Country: Venezuela — College: TCU
Roberto Quintanilla
Country: Bolivia — College: University of Missouri-KC
Sergio Pantoja
Country: Bolivia — College: Tusculum College
Allan Horvat
Country: Slovaquia — College: Laredo CC
Carlos Delgado
Country: Ecuador — College: SW Texas A&M
Ivan Rodrigo
Country: Spain — College: Oklahoma Christian University
Jose Antelo
Country: Bolivia — College: University of South Florida
Luis Morris
Country: Chile — College: Laredo CC
Mario Machado
Country: USA — College: Valdosta State University
Rodrigo Villaroel
Country: Bolivia — College: Charleston Southern University
Andres Antezana
Country: Bolivia — College: University of Tulsa
Alonso Tomas
Country: Costa Rica — College: University of Missoury- K.C.
Ariel Furfuro
Country: Argentina — College: Charleston Southern University
Armando Barbera
Country: Venezuela — College: Enterprise J.C.
Chris Pensavalle
Country: Venezuela — College: Oklahoma Christian University
Daniel Dauber
Country: Venezuela — College: Florida Atlantic University
Diego Parada
Country: Colombia — College: Laredo CC
Fabian Gonzales
Country: Costa Rica — College: University of Tennessee
Frederico Mattioli
Country: Argentina — College: Pepperdine University
Gustavo Gomez
Country: Argentina — College: East Tennessee State University
Gustavo Oribe
Country: Argentina — College: Oklahoma Christian University
Marcio Petrone
Country: Brazil — College: Florida International University
Mariano Pettigrosso
Country: Argentina — College: Univ. Arkansas LR.
Marko Rodavanovic
Country: Yugoslavia — College: Carson – Newman College.
Mattias Mosso
Country: Chile — College: Shorter College
Nicola Sabatini
Country: Argentina — College: Auburn Montgomery University
Rafael Reyes
Country: Ecuador — College: Rice University
Rodrigo Borba
Country: USA — College: Florida Atlantic University
German Dalmagro
Country: Paraguay — College: Auburn Montgomery Univ
Ignacio Melus
Country: Chile — College: Cowley County CC
Jorge Anda
Country: Venezuela — College: Laredo CC
Federico Ueltshi
Country: Argentina — College: Montana State University
Alex Fridzon
Country: Venezuela — College: Wofford College
Mario Gil
Country: Bolivia — College: Mercer University
Juan Manuel Melian
Country: Spain — College: Georgia Southern University
Elio Bianciardi
Country: Italy — College: Flagler College
Luis Zamora
Country: Chile — College: Tusculum University
Giacomo Sano
Country: Venezuela — College: University of Texas Arlington
Simon Perusse
Country: Canada — College: Emory Universiy
Patrick Chirol
Country: Brazil — College: Barry University
Makaiah Vea
Country: USA — College: SCAD-Atlanta


Elissa Simonetti
Country: Italy — College: University of Illinois Chicago
Maria Garcia Planas
Country: Spain — College: Loyola Marymount
Vanessa Flores
Country: Bolivia — College: Graceland University
Daniela Alvarez
Country: Bolivia — College: Clemson University
Carolina Aravena
Country: Chile — College: Troy State University
Julienne Keong
Country: Singapore — College: Dartmouth University
Erika Villalobos
Country: Costa Rica — College: Rice University
Mariana Quintanilla
Country: Paraguay — College: Western Michigan University
Melissa Mendietta
Country: Costa Rica — College: University of Oklahoma
Natalya Nikitina
Country: Uzbekistan — College: Oklahoma Christian University
Talia Flores
Country: Guatemala — College: Troy State University
Julia Sidorova
Country: Latvia — College: University of Kansas
Lia Fabiano
Country: Venezuela — College: Mercer University
Nanette Duxin
Country: Uruguay — College: Florida State University
Cristina Meilicke
Country: Paraguay — College: Eastern Carolina University
Mariana Melo
Country: Venezuela — College: Troy State University
Eunice Paravicini
Country: Bolivia — College: Arts & Science Oklahoma
Viviana Rivero
Country: Bolivia — College: University of Toledo
Teresiria Paz Soldan
Country: Bolivia — College: Mercer University
Cecilia Varela
Country: Chile — College: University of Toledo
Alicia Lasry
Country: Venezuela — College: Barton University
Olivia Bennett
Country: Trinidad — College: Auburn University
Francesca Ceppi
Country: Venezuela — College: Mt. Olive College
Maria Eugenia Hernández
Country: Venezuela — College: Cowley County College
Pia Rygh
Country: Norway — College: University of Toledo
Gilat Barzilai
Country: Israel — College: Illinois State University